The Spinalcom’s solutions


Reduce your design costs through better collaboration and automation of tasks

  • Annotate the BIM model and share the revisions to be done
  • Manage tasks (revisions) by associating them with a person
  • Automate the quality analysis of your 3D models
  • Normalize your BIM model


Reduce your construction costs by better site management and communications between stakeholders

  • Use your 2D plans and 3D models
  • Annotate the BIM model as part of the technical inspections
  • Associate a review with someone on the job site
  • Integrate your construction site BIM IT system with your ERP, Supply chain ...


Reduce your operating and maintenance costs and bring innovative digital services to your occupants

  • Leverage your digital As-built file which became a BIM IT
  • Supervise your equipment’s directly from the BIM model
  • Integrate the BIM IT system with your CMMS, BMS, ERP
  • Control and analyze your energy consumption through heat maps displayed in the 3D model
  • Manage your spaces by associating a department and / or a person with the corresponding ground floor object

Our products

Our products by phase of the lifecycle

Our software building blocks for the development of applications

Application Enablement Platform

  • Installation on-premise or Cloud
  • API & SDK to enable you to develop your own applications
  • Synchronization of data graphs
  • Real-time orchestration of processes and analytics


  • Upload your files
  • Convert your CAD files in 1 click
  • Share your files
  • Manage access rights at each file level

Web Viewer

  • Revit, IFC, DWG
  • 62 other formats
  • Visualize, zoom in, measure …
  • Add your own applications

Our applications


  • View and share your BIM models
  • Annotate the model and share the comments
  • Associate documents/URLs with objects
  • Create your digital As-built IT system


  • Automate the checking of the BIM attributes
  • Normalize your BIM project
  • Generate a report of the revisions to be made
  • Generate a final audit report


  • Annotate the non-compliant BIM object
  • Add documents / photos to the object
  • Generate a report of the revisions to be made
  • Generate a final audit report


  • Annotate spaces/surfaces
  • Match a color by type, department, team ...
  • Generate a surface assignment report
  • Online form to update the assignment

Operation Center

  • Multi-business supervisor
  • Multi-building / infrastructure hypervisor
  • Contextualization of alarms & measurements
  • Smart & multichannel alarms


  • Management of tickets from third-party systems such as a BMS, a mobile application
  • Visualization of tickets in the BIM model
  • Tracking dashboard


  • Web & mobile application, all-in-one portal of your building services natively integrated with the BIM model
  • Native integration with the Control Center and Ticketing apps

Our Professional Services

Consulting, customer software development & training

Digital Consulting /
BIM IT system

  • We assist you in defining your application needs (CK methode) and for writing your specifications.
  • Consultant in BIM information system.
  • Software development

  • Autodesk Forge Partner
  • BIM Level 3 application based on SpinalBIM AEP
  • We combine the two technologies mentioned above to meet the challenges of digitizing your assets
  • Training

  • Develop your own application with SpinalBIM AEP
  • Develop your own application with Autodesk's Forge

  • Our process for developing tailor-made applications and skills transfer

    The advantages of SpinalBIM Suite

    The BIM at the heart of your real estate information system

    SpinalBIM AEP is a BIM level 3 platform (object and not just file approach) sharing the dynamic 3D model for all applications. The platform also allows you to develop any type of application to enhance your real estate assets.

    The advantages of Spinalcom

    Engineering and a la carte support to enable your BIM application project

  • Digital consulting to define your need (CK method) and write the specifications of your application.
  • Consulting to architect your BIM IT system
  • Development or co-development of applications based on the SPINALBIM software suite and / or Autodesk Forge.
  • A unique technology

  • capable of enabling BIM level 3 applications. All our applications are based on the SPINALBIM platform and the Forge viewer (embedded in our platform). Therefore, all applications can be integrated with your business software and can evolve at any time.
  • flexible system architecture (private cloud of your choice, on-premise, multi-site ...) that allows you to control your data (your data belongs to you!).
  • with documented API and SDK for great flexibility and adaptability
  • Extensive experience with Autodesk's Forge platform, which enabled the company to be certified by Autodesk and be the first company to provide a dynamic BIM solution connected to field devices (IoT) and a mobile application

    Why did we chose Forge as our BIM viewer?

    The Forge viewer can read 64 types of files including Revit, IFC, Navisworks, Autocad ... It is difficult to do better. In addition, the viewer provides unparalleled visual rendering today, with the ability to add additional features. Finally, Forge is already functional for use cases of augmented and virtual reality, it allows to rely on a sustainable technology.

    They trust us !




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